AE van Elst Projects

Milena Novakova

“When I contacted AEvanElstProjects to compose the music for my book, the starting point was quite difficult as the book was in the Czech language. I was already familiar with Arjans music and him being a creative person so I had trust in them. I gave them a short description of each chapter of the children’s book. After a few weeks they sent me the composed music for each chapter. The music matched the content without having to change anything. It has become a very nice addition to the book!

It was surprising to me that they did not ask for any details before they started or during the composing itself. Here lies their quality Рthey could sense very well, without knowing the language, what the message of each chapter was and also they did  understand the complete story of the book.

When someone creates something new, one needs people around them who will support and inspire this process to maintain the flow of the creation itself. AEvanElstProjects does that very well; this is one reason why I would choose them again.”